Firm Profile

We are an architectural practice dedicated to producing thoughtful and engaging architecture. Our portfolio is comprised of a diverse range of urban infill, multi-unit residential, commercial, and interior fit-up projects. We are well versed on the complexities of urban sites, in terms of physical constraints and zoning provisions as well.  Our clients range from developers and contractors interested in maximizing the potential of a site to private clients interested in building a custom home.      

Project1 Studio was founded by Principals Ryan Koolwine and Danielle Powell, who have more than a decade of professional experience in a broad range of project types.  We are constantly seeking out the latest construction materials and building techniques in order to create buildings that are not only unique, but are energy efficient and cost effective as well.  

We are optimists about our profession and our work and we strive to realize the true potential of every project we undertake.  We believe that the ultimate value of architecture and well-designed projects lies in its ability to improve urban environments and subsequently the way people live their lives. 



// We believe in the value of an open mind.

// We believe that the quality of the built environment has a profound impact on how we live our lives.

// We believe in crafting thoughtful projects that are beautiful, efficient and challenge the status quo.


So what’s in a name?

Project1 Studio was derived from our approach to the process of design, from how we do what we do. ‘Project1’ refers to the idea that we approach every project with the same open mind and enthusiasm that we did for our first commission. It is the thought that every project should be considered from its most basic principles so that we can shed pre-conceived notions and become free to explore every project anew. It is also important to us that we act as a studio because we think of design as an evolving and ongoing process. We are highly collaborative in our approach to design, both within the firm and with our clients, and we consider our work to be a craft that is constantly being refined. 


Awards and Publications

>  2018 GOHBA Housing Awards  |  DESIGNER OF THE YEAR

>  2018 GOHBA Housing Awards  |  Wining Entry - Soper Place

>  2018 GOHBA Housing Awards  |  Finalist - Grange Avenue

>  2018 GOHBA Housing Awards  |  Finalist - Soper Place Kitchen

>  2017 GOHBA Housing Awards  |  Wining Entry - Brennan Avenue

>  2017 GOHBA Housing Awards  |  Finalist - Alymer Avenue

>  2017 GOHBA Housing Awards  |  Finalist - Interior Housing Details

>  2017 GOHBA Housing Awards  |  Finalist - Exterior Details

>  2017 City of Ottawa Urban Design Awards  |  Award of Merit - Coconut Lagoon

>  Canadian Homebuilers Association - The Importance of Low-Rise Infill Solutions

>  2016 GOHBA Housing Awards  |  Finalist - Holland Avenue

>  2016 GOHBA Housing Awards  |  Finalist - Glenora Street

>  2016 GOHBA Housing Awards  |  Finalist - White Lake Cottage

>  2015 GOHBA Housing Awards  |  Finalist - Bevan Avenue