Ryan Koolwine

Prinicpal | OAA

Ryan believes deeply in the enrichment that design can bring to everyday life.  He is constantly challenging accepted practices favoring instead to explore new opportunities and innovative ways to resolve problems.  His passion and enthusiasm for the profession is visible in every project he takes on, and is evident even in the way he speaks about architecture.   

Ryan has expertise in designing and managing complex projects and is adept at coordinating consultants and working with city officials.   He understands the value of efficient approvals and works closely with city planning staff to ensure that delays are minimized to the greatest extent possible. 

Ryan is a member of the Greater Ottawa Homebuilders Association's Urban Infill Council, which works with city planning staff on new zoning initiatives and reviews existing policy that may  require modification.  This puts Ryan in a unique position not only in understanding new zoning initiatives that are being introduced, but also in influencing upcoming policy. 

Ryan a frequently a guest critic at the Carleton University School of Architecture, and enjoys offering advice to the next generation of Architects and Designers. 


Danielle Powell


Danielle is dedicated to crafting efficient and environmentally responsible projects.  Her approach is focused on understanding client objectives and developing simplified and straightforward design solutions.  She believes in the value of place and incorporates unique characteristics of a particular site into the project’s design.  Her design process contributes heavily into the design of our projects, helping us create architecture that is both concise and compelling.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are deeply ingrained in the approach that Danielle takes to design.  Site orientation, energy efficiency, and product life-cycles are determining factors in her design and material selection process.  Danielle works closely with industry representatives to ensure that we are using leading-edge products that meet our architectural, aesthetic and energy efficiency requirements.  

Her attention to detail and adept ability to solve problems make Danielle an invaluable resource for the firm and her dedication to sustainability speaks to her ambitions of developing a progressive and socially responsible design practice.


Tom Leung

Senior Architect | OAA

A native of Ottawa, Tom brings a vision of the city’s present and future that combines a sense of historical significance with a profound commitment to imagining possible futures. He is a new addition to Project1Studio and leads design and execution of projects, large and small, through the studio bringing extensive depth and breadth to the team through a broad range of experience in building types from, healthcare, education, and residential to transportation.

Tom’s background in the project delivery of large public projects provides leadership in the management and realization of design concepts. His principal involvement in key roles on complex projects supports rigorous project management in the delivery and execution of buildings throughout all phases of services offered.

Building on two decades of experience, Tom contributes innovative ideas to Project1 while also sharing his passion for design through education.  He regularly gives back to the profession as a sessional design professor at The Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Carleton University, Ottawa.


Wendy Brown

Senior Interior Designer | ARIDO

Wendy believes that design is everywhere.  She is an enthusiastic and passionate interior designer who understands that a well-designed space can positively affect the way we live, work and experience our day to day lives.

She has experience in residential, commercial and institutional design and has been involved in all aspects of a project from programming, design development, contract documents and contract administration.  She has strong leadership and organizational skills that allow her to excel when managing projects, leading design teams, and coordinating with consultants. 

Wendy believes that good communication is critical to the success of any project.  This begins with listening to the objectives and goals of our clients at the onset of a project and interpreting their needs into design solutions. She regularly collaborates with fellow colleges, consultants and industry experts to provide unique, engaging and highly functional interior environments.


Richard Khoury

Architectural Designer

Richard is meticulous.  His understanding of design allows him to produce coordinated and resolved working drawings that are in keeping  with the overall concept of a project.  His thorough nature ensures that details don't fall through the cracks and that every corner and joint in a project has been considered. 

Richard is a capable project manager who oversees important project submissions and coordinates with consultants and city officials. Always able to look ahead to the next step in the process, Richard is adept at working with contractors and making sure they have the information they need to in order to expedite construction.


Laurie Bouchard

Intern Architect

Laurie is a team-player and an over-achiever.  Her knowledge of a wide range of software platforms allows her to seamlessly transition from producing renderings and design drawings to completing complex technical drawings.  What she lacks in experience she makes up for in determination and self-motivation.  She constantly challenges herself to take on onerous tasks and she responds well to the pressure of a deadline.   Laurie has quickly become an essential part of the studio.


Simon Eltayar

Intern Architect



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