The building is located along St. Laurent boulevard, a busy arterial road with a wide right of way, and faces the grounds of the former Rideau High School.  On the west, or courtyard side of the building, the design has been articulated to relate to the pedestrian scale and to create an inviting setting for the main entrance of the building.  A masonry framework begins at the ground floor and runs up to the 6th floor, creating an engaging visual aesthetic and offers the opportunity for deep reliefs and shadow lines in the late afternoon. While the courtyard side of the building has been designed and articulated to respond to the pedestrian realm, the street side is forced to manage not only the busy arterial environment but must also make a gesture to entry and the street level as well.  This is achieved by creating a 3-storey podium that uses the same masonry frame articulation as the courtyard side.  Above the podium, the expression of the building changes as it responds to its longer sight-lines. 

In one elevation, the building responds sensitively to two separate conditions.  At the lower levels, the building is articulated to support and encourage the streetscape character of an underdeveloped neighborhood. On the upper levels, the building responds to the high-speed arterial nature of the site and the long sightlines that result.  This building has been designed to be a landmark, to be visible, and to be a catalyst for the re-development of the area.