Project1 Studio Wins Ottawa Urban Design Award

We are pleased to announce that our renovation of the Coconut Lagoon has won an Award of Merit in the 2017 City of Ottawa Urban Design Awards.  

Project1 Studio Coconut Lagoon 8.jpg

From the City of Ottawa Website (

This project is a renovation to an existing mixed-use building with a popular restaurant on the ground floor. Among the more significant gestures in the design of the restaurant was the removal of the front balcony, which was supported by a number of columns and gave the building an unappealing presence on the street. The new design has allowed the building to have greater visibility from the street while providing increased soft landscaping at the pedestrian level. The masonry cladding provides an element of sophistication to the design and also gives a sense of permanence to the project. The building now looks and feels well built, like it will be an enduring element in the urban fabric of this part of the city.

Jury Comments

A successful project situated in a less than cohesive neighbourhood that goes a step above. This small move can make a big impact and will hopefully have a ripple effect on the street; it is a transformative element to the street.